When Should I Sell My Wedding Dress?

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Beautiful brides walk down the aisle every day of the year, and their gowns are always making a statement. However, once the vows are recited and the party is finished, what is a woman to do with this large gown? Packing it up and storing it can be difficult, and it isn’t always the most practical thing to do. Instead of stuffing it in an attic for decades, she can say to herself, “Hey, I want to sell my wedding dress.”

The decision to sell a wedding dress should come when the bride decides that she will absolutely never use it again. Some women decide to have their wedding gowns cut into smaller pieces for their future baby’s christenings, and others choose to display them in a room in the home. Once brides take that final step and search for sites to “sell my wedding dress,” they need to be committed to the process.

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Some women do wedding photo shoots weeks or months after the wedding where they get a little bit playful in the gown. They might go out to a field or to their favorite amusement park to take photos wearing their wedding gown. Ladies who think to themselves “I’m going to sell my wedding dress” should wait until this photo shoot is over. Purchasing another gown for such a photo shoot is frivolous and unnecessary.

Another appropriate time to make the decision to sell my wedding dress is if the bride and groom are in need of a decent amount of money. Many women spend practically a small fortune on their dresses. While they almost definitely not going to get back exactly what they paid, they will receive a portion of the sum. The exact amount is going to depend upon how old the gown is and what condition it is in. The couple can then use that money to pay some of the bills or to put as a down payment on a home.

Unfortunately, not all weddings have a happy ending, and some couples do wind up getting divorced. It might be hard to part with the wedding gown. However, for these ladies, it is often the smartest thing to do. They do not have to have a constant reminder of a marriage that went wrong. This time, along with all of the other ones mentioned, are appropriate times to put that wedding dress up for sale.

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