Budi Vivi Albany

Since I have shot many pre-wedding photographs for many couples, we wanted something that is “new” for ourselves. Something different to what I usually shoot. Thinking of a unique location, Albany popped into my mind. I have been there a couple of times for fishing with a few mates, and have always found that place extraordinary. After showing Vivi a few photos of the place, we decided that Albany is our next destination.

We drove for 4 hours from Perth, and the view there is definitely worth the travel! Though it was raining when we were there, we persisted and photographed during the breaks. You must agree, it is such an awesome scenery!

All the photos were shot by me using a tripod and setting the camera using timer. At the last spot, were were at a place where you can view “The Natural Bridge” and the “Gap”. They are situated at a cliff way up above the ocean, and the wind were blowing a gale! Even my Manfrotto tripod could’t hold against the wind, and the camera dropped…No harm was done to the camera, however my 16-35mm was split into 2! Luckily it was fixable…phew!

12/07/2012 - 2:26 pm

Stephanie Kwang - I like that beautiful and sexy black dress hehehe.

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